There are no shortcuts to immigration success.

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As immigration lawyers, one of our highest priorities is to help keep your family together.

Many clients seek entry to the U.S. because they want to join a family member who lives here. Some plan to get married when they arrive. Others are already married before they leave their home country.

Some clients do not seek our help until after they enter the country without permission. Others consult with our offices after they have stayed here longer than their visa allows.

In these situations, there is one common goal. To live here with family members.

As the son of an immigrant, we not only understand, but also knows the struggles of immigrant families to remain a family unit.

At minimum, success depends on careful preparation of various family-based petitions, applications, and government forms. But in some cases, issues arise which require special attention - issues like criminal convictions, prior arrests, or entries to the U.S. without advance inspection.

In all cases, we refuse to take a reckless approach.

It does not matter if you case seems simple or difficult on the surface. Some cases look simple, but they are really difficult with tough issues.

There are no shortcuts to immigration success.

That's why, as your immigration lawyer, we will not just jump in and risk jeopardizing your chances for victory. We strongly feels time must be spent in carefully reviewing all clients' full situation and immigration history before filing any papers with the government.

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Whether you're seeking to become a permanent resident or U.S. citizen. Whether you're trying to enter the U.S. to be with your fiance or fight the government's efforts to deport you. Whether your case seems straight forward or complicated.

And it doesn't matter what country you're from.

By refusing to take reckless shortcuts over the past 17 years, our immigration attorney offices have helped immigrants from more than 70 different countries earn the right to live and work legally in the United States.

Our formula is simple:

  1. Hard work.
  2. Dedication to your goals.
  3. Commitment to your success.

The difference between winning and losing is often razor-thin. You win because your immigration lawyer made the extra telephone call, anticipated the hidden issue, interviewed important witnesses, and carefully prepared your documents.

You win because your immigration lawyer takes no shortcuts.

Whatever your goals - we will not take careless shortcuts on your journey to immigration success.

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